My magnet school had a waiting list

Ten miles long

A donation would expedite

The process of inclusion

No Child Left Behind

Ruined it all for the racists

Our parents used to sneak out

Late at night

In their ceremonial robes

The lodge, the club, the fraternity, the sorority


In the Delta waters,

Dark polluted ripples

Form below the surface

Fathers walking with their daughters

Point at the opaque shapes

Floating nimbly amongst the disturbed waters,

“Those are river…

Beyond the twisted trees

We can see

Cherry bombs and fireworks

Stuffed into

mailboxes filled with paint,

circles of burnt rubber

In the parking lot,

Cigarette butts behind

The dumpster behind

The resource building behind the school,

She’s got

Strong arms and strong legs

She’s not

Afraid of traveling


A story about a trans man getting a phone call from his feminist friend wherein she describes to him what happened the previous night.

Stock photography from

Ring ring

on the telephone

It’s 5pm

I’m home alone

My girl Danielle

has rung me up

She’s hit the Patron

and she’s had enough


We Will Never Be Friends

The story of a trans man with a feminist friend

Stock images from Pixabay and

I wish you burned with hatred in the day,

And forgave me at night between your thighs,

Wish you wanted me like that

Wish you loved me more at night

And crossed the street when…

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