Beyond the twisted trees

We can see

Cherry bombs and fireworks

Stuffed into

mailboxes filled with paint,

circles of burnt rubber

In the parking lot,

Cigarette butts behind

The dumpster behind

The resource building behind the school,

She’s got

Strong arms and strong legs

She’s not

Afraid of traveling


Beat a man

Half to death,

Smokes Mary Jane

laced with meth,

Dresses plain

Without colors

But unlike others,

She looks like a boy

up close

She’s got the most

Eyeshadow of any man,

Her makeup

doesn’t make her look

Any more convincingly female,

Her tattoos

Overused symbols

Of mythical…

A story about a trans man getting a phone call from his feminist friend wherein she describes to him what happened the previous night.

Stock photography from

Ring ring

on the telephone

It’s 5pm

I’m home alone

My girl Danielle

has rung me up

She’s hit the Patron

and she’s had enough

Already drunk

the night’s just begun

Got plenty of cash

to have some fun

Tells me the story

of her good time

Tells me how she paid

for Absolut and lime

She hooks up with her friends

at the corner store

they’re all out of drugs

and they want some more

We Will Never Be Friends

The story of a trans man with a feminist friend

Stock images from Pixabay and

I wish you burned with hatred in the day,

And forgave me at night between your thighs,

Wish you wanted me like that

Wish you loved me more at night

And crossed the street when you saw my shadow

In the edges of your sight

Your mouth, in public, would rebuke me

But you’d love me well at night

Wish you wanted me like that

Wish you would cover up from my stare

And you would notice my burning glances

But would give me second…

How To Go Stealth: 5 Tips for Trans People

photo by Mike Chai


“Going stealth”, or the art of concealing one’s transgender status to others, can be a valuable tool in improving health and wellbeing. Going stealth can shield trans people from hate crime and discrimination, and protect them from gossip or bullying. In my anecdotal experience, “stealth” trans people earn more money than “out” trans people, and have more financial opportunities.

It is not possible for every trans person to be stealth. Trans people who do not pass as cisgender, or who do not have access to a legal name and gender…

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